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Q & A

Q: What is PERL Startups?
A: PERL Startups is the affordable branding solution for ambitious startups and small businesses.
Q: What does PERL Startups do?
A: PERL Startups develops new brands from the ground up, in partnership with small business owners and entrepreneurs. We cover everything from naming a business and logo design all the way through to website development, packaging design and more.
Q: How does the PERL Startups service differ from that of a more traditional branding agency?
A: The delivery of PERL Startups’ branding packages is streamlined to fit the needs of startups, with fixed service plans that set out clear parameters for what will be delivered, and how. This approach has been tailored to be affordable and to deliver precisely what startups and fledgling businesses need to set their brand on the road to success.
Q: Why provide a service specifically for startups? Couldn’t you make more money from bigger businesses?
A: We probably could! But we believe that effective brand identity is too important to be beyond the means of new businesses, regardless of their size. We want to give startups access to our expertise, giving them the best possible chance of success.
Q: Where is PERL Startups based?
A: Our core team works primarily in UK with members of our team working together remotely from locations across the country. Through the power and convenience of modern communications we work effectively with startups and business founders all over the UK, and around the world.
Q: What’s the difference between branding, brand identity and corporate identity?
A: All three terms mean much the same thing, although to a specialist there are subtle differences. In a nutshell, all three concepts deal with what an organization stands for, and how that can be communicated to the public in a way that encourages engagement.
Q: Is a logo part of the brand identity?
A: Yes, a logo is part of your brand identity. A logo is the most visible aspect of a brand, and is a shorthand representation of an organization’s values, history and positioning in the market. That said, there’s a lot more to brand identity than just a logo.
Q: What type of business are your startup branding packages designed for?
A: Our startup branding packages are tailored to the needs of startup businesses on a budget. We’re very happy to offer Aldermark Startups packages to larger or more established organizations too, provided they’re confident that the streamlined process and fixed service plans will suit their needs.
Q: How will investing in a startup branding package benefit my business?
A: Our startup branding packages include everything you’ll need to create consistent, on-brand communications and position your business for long term success. Investing in one of these packages will add value to your product or service, encourage strong customer engagement, and help you make a bigger impact on the market. There are a whole host of other potential benefits too, which one of our consultants would be happy to discuss with you.
Q: Isn’t brand identity more for big companies? Isn’t this an unnecessary cost for my small business?
A: Every business has a brand, whether they want one or not! Whatever image you project to the public, that’s your brand. By investing in brand identity from the very start, you can take control of that image for the benefit of your business. As the market has become more and more crowded, and with the advent of social media, even very small businesses have found that they need to build and manage their brand in order to be successful. Brand identity shouldn't be viewed as a cost – it should be viewed as an investment.
Q: How will Aldermark Startups communicate with me?
A: After an initial telephone consultation with an experienced branding consultant, we take your input and feedback via a series of carefully developed online questionnaires. Beyond that, your assigned consultant will be available to discuss your project with you via email or telephone at any time should you require it, to help you provide more nuanced feedback and discuss options.
Q: How long does it take to complete delivery of your startup branding packages?
A: The length of any branding project is highly variable - no two are the same. Some projects are completed exceptionally quickly, whilst others take much longer than anticipated. We aim to deliver all of your proposals and materials in a timely manner. Beyond this it depends on a range of factors such as how long you feel you need to consider your feedback at each stage, how many rounds of revisions are required and the scope of the revisions. If you have a specific deadline in mind please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Q: What are the payment arrangements?
A: We typically request a 50% deposit at the start of the project, followed by the final 50% when the project is concluded and all materials have been approved/delivered. For larger projects we are happy to discuss splitting payments into multiple installments. Payments can be made by credit or debit card via our secure ecommerce platform. Alternatively, payments can be completed via bank transfer. International clients are asked to cover any bank charges that may be incurred as a result of making payments in a foreign currency.
Q: Can Aldermark Startups offer me a discount?
A: Our startup services are competitively priced in order to benefit startups and small businesses as much as we possibly can, and as such we are not able to offer further discounts regardless of circumstances.
Q: What if your startup branding packages don't seem like the right fit for my business? Can you arrange a custom package that fits my needs?
A: You can find out more about our customised packages here.
How much is the fish?
The rate for the package is 5.800 Euro. We offer project pricing instead of hourly pricing. This allows you to know exactly how much you will be paying for the project. You will not have to worry about hourly rates and unexpected cost overruns.
What about payment plans?
We also offer monthly payment plans to help distribute the costs over a set amount of months. Talk to us to find out more about this. Discounts of up to 10% are available for payment-in-full at the time of the contract signing.
How long does it take?
We don’t sell overnight solutions. Our turnaround times will vary with each project. Generally, startup branding projects take 4-6 weeks. Throughout the project, you will always know exactly where things stand and where they are heading.
Who is eligible for the package?
We love the energy and passion that startup teams work with. The branding package is designed for recently-established businesses or companies from 0 to 10 employees. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us.
What is the benefit of your service?
Our startup package includes everything you will need to create a consistent visual identity and position your business for long term success. We will add value to your product/service and help you make an impact on the market.
Will I have ownership of the material?
Once the final payment has been received, we pass over the 100% ownership of the material from us to you. brand+Co does retain the right to display the designs in promotional material, our website and/or social media channels.
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