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Captivating people through creative content.

Creative Content

Content Production

Together we have the opportunity to inspire people. PERL’s strong creative in-house foundation serves to execute photography and videography solutions for your business. Refine your content and level up your social media game.


Videographers helping you capture the moment and tell your story. Our crew specialised in filmmaking knows how to capture the essence of your brand. We get to know you and your business to deliver videography services, including promotional videos, buzzfeeds to music clips and much more.


Photos attract your clients and brings your business to the next level. PERL has the means to offer full-service photography services to fulfil your brands’ demands.

Art Direction

At the intersection of art, design, and technology, we engineer unique digital experiences. Our creative direction team oversees it all, guiding all the pieces to create a beautiful picture while still maintaining the company goals in mind.

Social Media Content

Social media helps you connect with people and develop close relationships with your audience. Together we create the social media content that your brand deserves to get noticed.

Animated Videos & Motions Graphics

You’ll be working with a team of professional motion graphics designers that are also experienced in animation design. Combining both 2D and 3D motion to equip your brand with a modern edge.

Video Editing

We don’t only create stunning video content, we also make sure to provide all-around video editing services to future-proof your brand’s visuals. We’ll draw up a strategy and put your creative ideas into action.

We take digital experiences to the next level

We take pride in every project and brand that we work with. We never stop pushing towards creativity, innovation and recognition to help you create a brand that makes an impact.

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