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Today's brands are defined by how they make customers feel.


Graphic Design

PERL offers a complete range of graphic design solutions to make your brand’s visuals stand out from the crowd.

Logo & Brand identity

Your brand’s logo matters. A good logo makes a strong first impression and brands your audience’s attention. It’s the foundation of your brand identity, standing out from others by creating a long-lasting memorable identity.

Product & Packaging Design

Your product’s packaging can make you stand out from the crowd. Our team helps you bring all your product’s best features alive through contemporary and innovative packaging designs.

Stationery & Merchandise Design

Do you want to give your brand a personal look and feel? Get your own personalised stationery and merchandise design that resonates with the values and identity of your brand. 

Pitch & Presentation Design

Make your next deck a head-turner with our pitch and presentation designs. We help you tailor your presentation to your needs and make sure all the elements of your slides work in your favour.

Email Design

Effective email marketing designs will brand your audience attention, direct their eyes and – most importantly – motivate them to positively respond to calls to action.

Art & Illustrations

We help creative thinkers connect with their ideas. Eye-catching art and illustrations designs that tell stories and connect with people.

We take digital experiences to the next level

We take pride in every project and brand that we work with. We never stop pushing towards creativity, innovation and recognition to help you create a brand that makes an impact.

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