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Side Hustle Package

Meet the Side Hustle package – the best way to bring ideas to life! The simplest way to launch your brand or product without complications. We will put you on the map in a cost-effective way so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Workflow below:

1 - Understanding & Planning

We take the time to understand your business and inform ourselves about what matters to you. We identify your product features, areas of improvement and competitors. 

With deep expertise in strategy and branding, we help your brand to establish its positioning, clarify its goals and objectives, create a brand strategy map & design the most effective communication channels.

2 - Identifying Brand Core

We build trust with our customers. Let’s define the brand’s identity, this means determining what makes the company, product or service different and better than those that already exist in the marketplace. We identify your brand core and feeling by answering simple why, how and what questions. Your branding process can’t be completed without a brand audit and research, we do it for you! 

3 - Design Process

This is the point at which everything comes together. Your brand’s emotional connection begins with logo design and extends to the consistency of visual identity, messaging, and story. PERL crafts a recognisable, personable brand that builds trust and loyalty for your business. This consists of marketing materials, website design, social media among others.

4 - Development Process

Next, we develop and strategise to make your WordPress website stand out. First we design your website concept and then we develop it for you! With innovative and refreshing ideas, creative thinking and precise execution, we shape brands with disruptive brand campaigns and branded content production. Everything is summed up in a brand book.

5 - Delivering & Testing

Before implementing the final revisions, the brand guidelines are created and presented to ensure the best quality of work in accordance with the uniform standards of the brand. Testing out all brand touchpoints to better understand the brand before launching. We leave nothing to chance!

6 - Launch

Get people talking. Launch your new brand identity and advertising campaign with an eye-catching launch campaign. Let us help you make that big splash on social media, real life events, and more! We will give you completely functional and brand-consistent guidelines to scale up your online presence. We create all design, legal and technical documentation so you don’t have to bother.

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